Guide to landscaping and miniature bridges, Garden bridges, or build them yourself.
They can be placed across a creek or pond or simply rest among a garden.

cedar garden bridge

Landscaping and Garden Bridges




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Landscaping or Garden Bridges can be used for any landscape design, place across a natural or man made creek or place in a garden or landscape planting area.

A basic bridge can be built yourself if you have the handy man experience and research the pictures on this site. There are many styles and designs of garden bridges. The cost of many cedar garden bridges will discourage you from buying and want to try to build. However, most bridges are handcrafted, very nice, and worth the price if building one is not for you. View the pictures on this site, get ideas, buy if you like or build a garden bridge to your desire.

A Cedar Bridge will be an awesome, attractive, decorative addition to your backyard! Place it across a small creek or pond or use a cedar bridge just about anywhere you choose. Most bridges are constructed of Western Red Cedar that may be left in its natural state to age to a weathered gray. You may also choose to finish it with a paint or sealer. Tip: A cedar landscaping bridge or garden bridge looks best if the natural color of cedar is maintained with the correct water protector or weather sealer. Look for products such as Thompson's water seal, that "keep the natural color of cedar."

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Cedar Landscape Bridge Example:

cedar landscape bridge