Patio Ideas - More Than a Concrete Slab

Patio Ideas - More Than a Concrete Slab

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There are More Patio Ideas than Boring Plain Concrete

Great Patio Ideas - Patio Ideas don't have to be a dull slab of concrete..

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Great Patio Ideas
By Joseph Palmer


Patio Ideas don't have to be a dull slab of concrete. By using different kinds of rock and materials, you can build any variety of beautiful patios.

Slate is a popular flooring material and it can work great for a patio too. Slate patios are made of this fine type of rock which retains its natural appearance and is smooth and flat. You can get slate in a variety of textures and colors and you can get it at most landscaping outlets.

Brick patios can be designed in many colors, textures, styles, and patterns. This is one of the advantages of brick and makes it very popular. You can use your imagination with brick to make your patio as creative as you want it to be. If ten different people set out to design and build a brick patio, they would inevitably come back with ten different patio designs.

Flagstone patios are very durable when exposed to the elements. Flagstone does not crack very easily and it is not damaged by termites or other such insects. Wood patios will have both of those problems. If you want to make sure your patio will last a long time, Flagstone is one of the materials you will want to consider.

Stone patios can be made out of many different kinds of stone. Flagstone, bluestone, fieldstone, and slate are just some of the choices you have. You can usually find stone for your stone patio at landscaping outlets.

Finally, if you do decide on a concrete patio, you now have a choice of making the concrete texture a little more exciting than in years past. You can use a concrete dye to give the concrete a more worn look and to give it some variety of color. The patio is really just another room in your house and you should try to make it as interesting and exciting as possible.

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