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Do It Yourself Patio Design Plan
By Albert Lee

Designing your own patio is both fun and time consuming - you have lots of factors to consider, lots of materials to prepare, and lots of things to be done. But no matter how big or small your soon-to-be patio is; everything starts with a good design plan.

So, before you start digging and buying materials for your patio, get a paper, sit down and draw a patio design plan.

Where to begin?

Most people encounter trouble in creating a plan they like mainly because they lack the necessary skill and artistry. If you are one of them, start by getting some ideas online or from your neighbor's backyard. You can also find useful ideas on home improvement magazines and books. Most of them contain illustration, step-by-step procedure, and the list of materials needed to create the exact plan. This makes it easier for you to complete the project in case you decide to adapt a specific plan.

What are the elements that must be present to the plan?

Focal point. Focal point ranges from garden pieces such as trellises, birdbaths fountains, artificial lakes, little pool, and statues to colorful flowers and plants depending on the available space for your patio. Choose your focal point in line with the overall theme you want to achieve.

Lights. The simple yet effective way to enhance the mood and at the same time, make it livable and safe during nighttime is by installing lights around your patio. Places to install your lights are ceilings, trees, and patio covers, steps, walkways, plant bed, and at the focal point. Also install lights at strategic areas where it can cast shadows for more dramatic effect.

Cover. There are different options to cover your patio. Some covers are better for rain while some are better for shade. Other patio covers protect you from both rain and direct sunlight. Choose one depending on your necessity.

Furniture. Select the furniture for your patio depending on the available space and the how the space will be used. Your patio design plan should include where the furniture will be placed on the area.

Now that you know how to make your own plan, you can already begin your project. Good luck!

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