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Need Help To Grow Older Pet !!!

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One of my friend who is an animal lover, has seen a traumatized dog at a dog shelter. The dog is a six year old male Pug. Upon his arrival at the dog shelter, it was so petrified and wouldn't play or let you pet him. Even it didn't eat out of a bowl. What best can be done to retrieve this beautiful dog to his normalcy?


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    Take him home and love him. Truly, that's the key. Get him out of that environment and to a place where he is king. One of my beagles was rescued from the SPCA. There, she was so timid. She'd been abused. I brought her home and within days, she knew she was in a better spot. She was the queen, and lived many, many years in happiness.
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    It will take a lot of patience and, yes, a lot of love too. Take things very slowly and eventually the dog will realise that you mean it no harm. It depends how much abuse it has suffered really as to how long it will take.
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    It's wonderful that your friend is going to give a rescue dog a new home. From my own experience I would say you need to be careful to monitor the dog for what upsets it. I got mine in similar circumstances and the strangest things would make him very scared. It's not always the obvious things, such as a raised voice, which bring back bad memories.
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    I had a kitty like that. You've just got to let them come out of their shell when they're ready. They should know they're safer when they're in a new home. But don't chase them around or force them to spend time with you, let them come and go around the house as they please. Eventually my shy little kitty let me pet her when I entered the room she was in, and soon after I could approach her without her running away. Animals, especially with a dark past, sometimes need time to get over it a little, or at least get over it enough to trust a new owner. But once the animal is ready, offer all your love and let them know they can trust you.
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