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Privacy Policy

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We do not collect any personal information other than web site stats, page
hits, and a username and e-mail from members - **see below. Please check
any Third party site's privacy policy, once you leave this site, for any information they may collect. The
do-it-yourself information here is for your benefit and will provide a technique and a resource
to a project. All links to the services or products on this site are listed only because they are a valuable
product or service and are related to the content of information on this site. The articles and pages on this site
can be linked to, from another site.

**E-mail addresses from the Forum site are used for sign-up to the forum only, example: if you forget your password, that is the only way we can reset it for you, by e-mail. A new member can choose to hide their e-mail so it does not display on the forum, in the Account settings, (this is the default)
We do not use e-mail addresses for any other use than the sign-up process. We do not give your e-mail address to anyone.
We do not send you ad e-mails, or other random e-mails of any kind.

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