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Have Fun Watching Birds In Your Yard

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One of my favorite pastimes is watching birds in my yard. I love to sit by the window or in the porch swing to watch them. I have mostly blue jays, finches, sparrow, robins and doves. I notice the doves are always in pairs. Blue jays are loners while the finches and sparrows are always in a group and don't seem to be in pairs. The robins may arrive two to four at a time; usually not just one, but not in a bunch like the finches or sparrows. Once in a while there will be a redheaded woodpecker. There are so many different kinds of birds that come and feed, that sooner or later you will see one that is not familiar. A good bird book is a handy reference to have.


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    Bird watching is one of the fastest growing outdoor activities in the world. It provides a relaxing and educational diversion from the stresses of life and work. It can be a meditative, solitary experience or a social activity. There are bird watching clubs and organizations you can join, bird watching tours, trips and vacations.
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    We love watching the birds too and have a bird feeder hanging from a tree in our front yard. We also planted a nice Bottle Brush tree for the Hummingbirds. They are fun to watch when you can see them!
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    We've always done this and have a few bird feeders around the yard. And yes we have some Hummingbird feeders too. They are a lot of fun to watch but you do have to be quick about it! :)
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    Oh my yes!!!! I love to watch the birds outside my kitchen window. I counted 5 pair of cardinals last winter and I still have one or two this summer. Bright yellow finches are my favorite.
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    I love it, too. We have a birdbath, but sometimes they splash around in puddles after it rains. We have a beautiful woodpecker that I see every day, too. At least, I think it's the same one. I only see one every time, and he usually goes to the same spots.
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