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The Benefits of Buying Recycled Plastic Outdoor Patio Furniture

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When you think of 'outdoors' and 'furniture' in the same sentence does it ring alarm bells to you? Do you think of trouble when you think of having furniture that you would love to enjoy outside but worry about the upkeep through the winter months? Worry no more! Recycled plastic furniture is the very answer you have been looking for.


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    Unlike wood or regular plastics, using recycled plastic to build heavy duty furniture that won’t warp, rot, crack or splinter, allowing you to enjoy it for several years. Another benefit is reducing the amount of plastic that goes into the landfil.
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    Our outdoor furniture is made from a type of plastic but I don't know if it's recycled plastic. How do you tell? We do have to bring the cushions indoors in bad weather, but the furniture itself is waterproof.
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    We have plastic chairs that have lasted for years. These are some of the first plastic chairs ever made. The only challenge was when it rains, the water pools in the seat. We drilled a small hole in the middle of the seat and solved the problem. These indestructible chairs were only sold for a few years. Now they are making ones that are cheaper quality and won't last nearly as long.
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    Wow this product is really promising. It's very sustainable and good for the environment. We should promote more this kind of product. Recycling will really help our environment, finding new ways to reuse recyclable products.
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    You bring up a very valid point. Years ago my sister and I got a great deal on a cast iron wooden bench at our local drug store. Needless to say over the years the weather elements have done its share of damage to the bench. Funny thing is we also have a white plastic chair out front in our yard as well. This chair is a bit dirty but seems to have held up far better then the bench has. All the chair needs is a good cleaning where as the bench needs to be painted or stained to get it back to its original beauty.
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    You really cannot beat the recycled plastic outdoor furniture out today. Other than the weight they outperform your typical wood or plastic stote bought furniture. We have two chairs and a small table and we love it so far and are now looking at building a deck with the same material so we can buy more furniture.
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