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Water garden pot?

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A few years ago a friend mentioned an idea to me that I never followed through with - creating a water garden in a large pot. Has anyone ever done this? Any ideas would be great!


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    A mini-aquatic garden in a tub or other container located close to the house on a deck or patio, can provide you with a unique gardening experience. Containers are a great way to try out the idea of water gardening without committing to a larger, more permanent pond.
    A container aquatic garden is a small commitment in terms of finances and labor.
    It doesn't require special aerators or filtration if set up and properly managed.
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    I have my water lillies in a lined half-whiskey-barrel out in the yard. They don't like anything but sun! There are also a few miniature cattails in with them, but the lillies are quite happy there, with a few little goldfish swimming among them.
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    Water garden pots are very beautiful things. They will give an unique exotic experience (I'm thinking Japan). You should give it a try and let us know how it looks.
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    I'm pretty interesting in making my own. How big should my space be if I want to set up something like this. How about the oxygen for the fishes? Won't they die? How big should my container be? I mean, what should be the minimum size for my container if I want this to work?
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    I think you have to go to a pet shop for this information. You need a specialist to guide you through all the process. If you want it done, do it right.
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    The fish can go to the surface for oxygen. You don't have to add anything specifically for that. Think about how fish live in the wild. :)
  • 0.00 KarmaPosts: 0 Check this blog link. In this blog you will get interesting information about creating water garden pot
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    This is something I've always been interested in doing. I am certainly and outdoor person who love the outside scenery, especially if I can add a beautiful water fountain or pond.

    @smithrick, I am going to certainly go to the link you provided because I would love to create something like that and maybe it won't be as costly as committing to putting one in the ground, which I'm sure would probably be much more costly. Thank you for the information.
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    I always wanted one, but thought I had to have electric outlets outside to accommodate a filter. It sounds as if I might be able to do one without electric though, based on what I've seen posted here. I'm going to check out that link, too, thanks.
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