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Outdoor Lighting Brightens Up Your Patio

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Believe it or not, it won't be long before it will be warm enough to start spending evening out on our patios. Now is the time to get your patio or landscape lighting installed so you can safely enjoy your patio into the wee hours. Today's patio lights look good enough to blend in and around your home - add in the perfect accessories and outdoor furniture and it will become one of your favorite areas to live in! Before you start shopping, just remember to have a theme in mind - that way you won't waste your time shopping for outdoor lighting that won't flow with the rest of your decor.


  • PatPat
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    To give the deck some atmosphere we wrapped outdoor christmas lights in one color around the deck. It gives the deck a completely different feel once the sun has gone down and the lights have come on.
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    Christmas lights are an easy way to light the porch, sure. I'm actually not a big fan of using them too much, though. They always feel like seasonal lights instead of a permanent setup, so I prefer other sources of lights instead.
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    If you're into this sort of thing though you can use different colored lights for different times of the year. It can add a "personality" to your deck or porch that it wouldn't have otherwise.
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    We've always been considering putting lights outdoors. We are trying the lights with solar panel as source of power. It usually stored power during the day and uses it during the night. Though the chhoices in color of its light is still limited, so we still can't play around with it to create "character" to our outdoor garden.
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    I have seen on pintrest using mason jars with solar lights inside and hanging on hooks placed around the back yard fence. It looks so good and then the whole back yard is lit up.
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    Exactly. That's what we did. It looked nicer and it looks more pleasant. I love to stay there, eat dinner and sometimes drink wine with my husband.
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    I have solar lights in both the front and back yards, but they've seen better days, and their performance is spotty, at best. After reading the comments here, I think I might look around on Pinterest, before even seeing what the home improvement stores have, in case I want to get creative.
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