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Garden Paths

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Do you have any unique ideas for garden paths? I am searching for something different and unique that you do not see everyday, unfortunately, I have not found it yet.


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    Are you looking for a certain theme or style? Is this a front yard or a backyard? Are you asking about the path itself or what surrounds it, or both?
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    I think I mentioned this in the post about rock gardens, but if you can find some unique flat rocks somewhere and place them about a foot or less apart to make a path in the garden. I have found flat rocks in stream beds or rivers during low water, and they can make a path that is different from most.
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    Here is the thread on Rock gardens I talked about earlier

    rock gardens

    I agree you do not have to spend much money, unique rocks and flat rock can be found and used instead of buying costly rocks at a landscape supplier.
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    I really like pebble paths. Pebble is very small smooth pebbles and they come in all sorts of colors. They aren't sharp and you can walk on it barefoot with out hurting your feet.
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    On a recent nature program, they featured a walking path that had little impact on the environment but provided a safe and attractive path for park visitors.

    I thought it would make a very interesting garden path or walking path during muddy spring rains.

    They connected a succession of boards by drilling a hole near each end and stringing a knotted rope through them.

    It looked a little like this photo:

    You could change up the materials used to achieve the results you desire.
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    Why not try browsing at Home Depot and similar stores? You may be surprised by what they've come out with these days.
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    I know this is an older post, but still relevant, as spring is upon us. I have fond memories of creating several garden paths over the years. I think the key is to observe the unique surroundings around the area to make a garden path. For example, one of my previous projects involved collecting an abundance of rocks from a nearby field. It appears others have also created some interesting garden paths, too. Another project was simply laying down some mulch. Anyone planning on a garden path in the near future?
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    I saw a stained glass stone walking path once. It was really be
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