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Creative items to use as a trellis?

edited July 2010 in Pergola, Trellis, & Arbor 0.00 Karma
We are making landscaping plans for our new property and I'd like to use some unique structures/items for climbing plants. I'd like to plant clematis, grapes and decorative gourds for starters.

I found an old iron bedstead and I plan to use it for the clematis.

"Found" items are better than buying new, if possible, so I can reuse items.


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    I like the idea of using found items for landscaping. The first thing that pops in to my head is pounding out tin cans and making a colorful trellis out of them. But I know there are even better ideas out there!
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    If you have a chain link fence on or around your property, start collecting hubcaps, clean them up, spry paint them any color you like, and attach them to the tops of your fence.
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    Hubcaps? Hmmm ... that might end up being a project for the children.

    I saw an old swingset frame in someone's yard. They had painted it a soft green and used it to train up their vining plants.
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    I just wanted to chime in here and remind you that clematis need "cool feet" as my grandma used to say, so something low that shades their rootball would help them grow.
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    I am not sure if it is just in our area or not, but the in thing seems to be to not use a trellis. I read something yesterday that instead of using a trellis setup you can use old rain gutters and hang them. The blog I read it on shows them being used on a side porch .
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    The cutest thing I ever saw was when a friend of mine took cane (bamboo) poles, cut for free, and tied them together at the top, but spreading the bottoms out in a circle, like a TeePee. Then by mid summer, when the vines had grown all over it, it was a neat kid place inside.
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    If you use iron, like an old iron headboard, as has been mentioned, would you need to treat it with something to prevent it rusting up? I love the bamboo idea!
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    I love the idea of the bamboo TeePee, Anna42! I haven't had nearly enough coffee to engage my brain, all I can think of right now is wooden pallets. I have two white vinyl trellis planters I use on my back porch to provide privacy from neighbors, and I got those for free on Freecycle a while back. I still love them. I have wooden privacy fences around the yard, and some sections are serving as vine trellises. I saw on a show the other day a metal boxspring was being used as a vertical planter, but I'm not sure if that's the same as a bedstead.
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