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Backyard Putting Greens = Backyard Fun!

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The first thing you want to consider when planning your backyard putting green is your overall landscape design. If you have a number of hills and bumps then you have your work cut out for you.
This is not to imply that a backyard putting green is out of the question, you”re simply going to have [...]


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    A backyard putting green sure would make my family happy. Not just my immediate family that lives with me, but my inlaws as well. They play golf daily except on Saturday and Sunday when the courses are too full for them. They would probably be at my house a lot more if I put a putting green in.
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    We have the perfect yard to put a putting green in. I wonder what type of grass it would take to do it. We could put it in the back corner of our yard and it would give us hours of fun with one more thing to do outside. Great post. I really hadn't thought about it at all.
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    Actually, our back lawn is full of bumps and holes but it makes playing games really good fun. We putt a little but mostly play boules and watch them bounce all over the's hilarious!
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    I would really like to create a putting green if possible. Nothing extravagant but something simple and fun for the kids. I worry about the space needed for this project but I think I can keep it reserved to a small area.
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    I think it would be fun to put a mini-golf course in the backyard, and then the bumps, hills, and obstacles would be a plus. What a great way to have fun as a family, while getting fresh air, and saving money.
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    Ah that sounds like loads of fun, my lawn has been taken over the other half and it full of flowers and vegetables and I would get in so much trouble for disturbing the radishes!
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