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Pond or Pool - Which Is Best Water Garden?

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My friend is constructing a new guest house with vast area as the backyard and wants to construct water garden there. I had advised to construct a pond as it will be easy to maintain. suggestions are most welcome.


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    This thread might have some good information or more to come. Hope it helps.

    Hardscape Waterfall Ideas with a Pond or Creek
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    A good maintained pond gives you a more natural feel to your garden, yet it can be more costly precisely because of that. What size do you imagine the pond to be?
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    I would go with the pond, I really like how the ponds look if done right, but Where I live there is to many Mosquitos, so I prefer not to have any standing water areas in my backyard.
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    You should consider what type of aquatic life you want in the pond. Is it going to be a home for goldfish or koi? Or is your main concern for the aquatic plants? Perhaps you only want the pond for the sound of a waterfall. Each type of pond will need to be planned for its specific features. Keep in mind that the most common mistake water gardeners say they made when building their first pond was making it too small. A small pond limits the number of fish and plants you can add.
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    Pond which includes a small boggy area built in with it sounds like a plan, and a larger variety of plants would be available.Plants that require boggy areas but would not survive in the margins of a pond. I wouldn't go for Koi unless you are building a Koi specific Pool. They will very quickly destroy all the plants and vegetation by eating it or ripping it up. The requirements for successful Koi keeping are totally different.
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    It all depends upon the size I think. We had a pond containing Koi at one time and I loved it, but it did take a lot of looking after. It wasn't all that big either. We lost the fish to a visiting Heron however.
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    If you have a large yard and are able to keep up with a pool, go for it. With us it is not an option. I am sure we could have a decent sized above ground pool but we do not have the room for anything larger.
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    I have a large back yard and we are going to put a small pond in this summer. I'm wanting to put in in the garden area and plant flowers around it. I would like to put it half in the ground and the surround it with stones. We also have a fountain and I would like to do solar lights. My grandparents had this and it always looked awsome.
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