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How To Build A Pergola To Provide An Attractive Backyard Accent

edited April 2011 in Pergola, Trellis, & Arbor 1.00 Karma
For anyone wondering how to build a pergola for a backyard setting, here are some important considerations before starting a home project of this nature. Design, function, and location are the main factors for putting together a good plan. Doing research and making a few decisions up front will help determine cost and effort requirements.


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    How interesting! I had to Google "pergola" because I wasn't sure what it was, but now that I know I really like the look of it! It would look especially nice with ivy or something trailing up along in it, I think!
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    This is great stuff...I've been looking to build a pergola for quite some time now as a way to provide a bit of extra shade for my backyard courtyard area while keeping the natural beauty and open air feel of my patio area. I have researched my area, but I think that I need to find a good set of plans so that I can plan my costs for materials yet.
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    My brother spent a lot of money building a pergola on his property. During the last wind storm, he noticed that it was rocking all over the place. He was afraid it was going to go tumbling into the wild blue yonder. Do make sure anything you build like this is anchored well.
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    We have looked at pergolas so many times to cover our back patio. What we would like is one that could be covered in bad weather but we just can't figure out how to get that done. Any ideas?
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