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Weed problems

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No thanks to the indigenous plant species, we have morning glory, sorrel, mare's tails, dandelions, creeping buttercup, and creeping jenny in our lawn... it's a war every year to contain the invaders.

Is there any one product that will fertilize the lawn but KILL those invaders? I've yet to find anything that kills morning glory, I've learned to hate the stuff.


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    I don't mind morning glory, personally, I think it's pretty, but I also have that, clover, and other weeds throughout my lawn. I used a Bayer Ready to Spray product (the kind you attach to the garden hose) the other day, it was recommended by my neighbor. She used it on her lawn, and hasn't had a problem since. There are a bunch it kills, and it's also supposed to help fertilize the grass, as well. I don't have the product number, or know the exact name, because it was trash day, and I tossed the container. Fingers crossed that it works, and I will be mowing less often.
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    I have a terrible issue with weeds right now. I have them all goes and in just a couple weeks they are back. I want a weed killer that is safe to animals, kids, and flowers that I plant but also affective. I want it to work well enough to keep them gone for longer then a few weeks.
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