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Squirrels in my house!

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At least I think it's squirrels, and, okay, they might not be IN my house. But I can hear them running around somewhere above me (the roof?) during the day! I think they must be coming over from a nearby tree. Sans chopping the tree down and/or maiming it by cutting off branches, is there any way I can discourage squirrels from holding running marathons on my roof?


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    The short answer is, you can't! We have the same thing happening on a daily basis as we live in a woodland park. Sometimes they sound as though they have hob nailed boots on and the birds are just as bad. There's a pheasant that regularly uses our roof as a dance floor but it's his screech that is the worst!
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    Just hope it's squirrels, and not rats! But it squirrels do quite a bit of "nesting" in the summer, in other words, nice placed to have their babies. Last year, my neighbor had a lot of squirrel damage, because they worked a spot where he had a window unit air conditioner. They poked a hole on the side, where they were desperately trying to get in. He eventually just had to take the unit out and close the window, but that was an easy enough problem to solve. Once they get in, it's a lot harder.
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    Squirrels can be quite bothersome and sorry to say dangerous. They can eat through wires, leaving wires exposed and cause a fire hazard, not to mention the damage they do in gnawing. First things first. You need to make sure they are not in your attic or gaining access to your home. If a tree limb leads up to the roof, perhaps cut a few feet off. If it is not easy for them to get to, maybe you can discourage them from nest building.
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    Check the screen vents in the attic eaves: they'll tear it out, go into the attic, and nest in the insulation.

    Given that it's Spring, if they've gotten in to the attic, you can't deal with them immediately: you risk one dying and stinking the house up! Come the Fall, replace all the attic vent screens properly, and they'll only be able to run over the roof and not UNDER it.
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    Ah, spring. It brings out all the animals who LOVE to destroy your house! Has anyone else seen that article about a raccoon who tore up a good chunk of some guy's roof? Sheesh!

    I don't have advice on the squirrel front, but good luck with them!
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    You should see what a skunk can do to a lawn infested with chaffer beetle grubs.... sod chunks literally go flying.

    You CAN try poisoning the creatures, but again risk one dying where it's 'inconvenient'. I've heard of sonic deterrent techniques, but if there's dogs and cats about, well, you'll drive them nuts.

    I don't know of any smell that deters the bushy-tailed rodents, either. I do know that the bigger European variety is 'more guilty' than it's smaller cousin.
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