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make or buy humming bird food

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Do you make or buy your humming bird food? I have heard that it doesn't need to be red, but it always looks so much better in the feeders when it has some color. I have also read that you just mix 1/4 cup of sugar in a cup of water and that is all that is to making the food yourself.


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    Thanks for posting mrfixit! I love Hummingbirds, and haven't seen any for a long time. It will be great to be able to invite them back into the yard. I will have to look into getting a Hummingbird feeder and try the sugar and water feed to see if that will bring them back. I do know they are attracted to certain colors.
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    Karen1, do you know which flowers attract hummingbirds? It seems like I remember hearing that petunias attract them, but I can't remember which other ones do. I also saw some potted flowers that specifically said they attracted hummingbirds last year, but I haven't seen them this year.
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    I thought hummingbird food involved some type of nectar or honey. I would be afraid to make it because of all the bugs or bees it would attract....
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    I think the first couple of times you make it you should make it red - this is what attracts the hummingbirds to the feeder. After you have attracted them to your feeder, you can stop adding the color. We always make our own.
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    I have always made my own as well. I bought some at first and then researched how to make the food myself and found that I always have sugar on hand, so it is easier to make it when I run out instead of running out to the store when I need some.
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