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paver base

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I have a 20 X 30 foot rectangular area behind my house where I plan to put in a concrete paver patio. The home is newly built. I had a contractor excavate 6 inches and then put in a truckload of sand. I think I got the wrong type of sand. It is like sea sand. I later read that I should have used gravel for the base. Will I have to get rid of the sand and start over with gravel, or can I try to compact the sand and place the pavers? I would appreciate any help. It would be a pain to have to remove the sand, but I will try to do whatever is best.


  • H_CH_C
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    definetly use a gravel base that can be compacted, use a landscape fabric under the gravel base for more support.
    You can remove the sand, it will be needed for sweeping between pavers and to fine grade on top of the gravel base, if you use interlocking pavers. The base should be class 5 type gravel.
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    Thanks. Since I got the wrong stuff the first time, I want to be extra careful. Does class 5 type gravel go by any other names. Is it a pretty well understood term so that I can be sure I will get the right stuff this time?
  • H_CH_C
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    Class 5 around here
    Needs to be about a 3/4 inch crushed aggregate quary that can be easily compacted.
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    Check out "", or "".
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