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Crabgrass Control Tips - How to Get Rid of Crabgrass

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When it comes to weed problems, crabgrass is one of the most prevalent weeds that there is. It can grow even when it is hot and dry and one single crab grass plant can produce over 150,000 seeds in just one year alone. Crabgrass control and killing crabgrass are an important part of maintaining a healthy looking lawn.


  • H_CH_C
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    Use a product in a blue jug called Bayer advance crabgrass killer. It has worked for us.
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    Proper mowing can prevent crabgrass as well. If you cut your grass too short, it allows sunlight to penetrate the soil, then they can take root and spread quickly. Three inches is a good mowing height in my opinion.
    Also, read the labels closely on the different crabgrass killer chemicals, and make sure one of the ingredients (or active ingredient) is MSMA. Do be careful though, since it's fairly toxic.
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