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Big job!

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I've started rolling my back garden to make it smooth enough for a putting green but I fear that it will be a big job. It's so full of holes and hills that it's taking me a lot of effort and I'm wondering if it's worth it!


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    Sounds like the job is quite an undertaking! I would imagine that it will take some type of an on going effort to keep the green the way you like it. My guess is that anything you enjoy is worth the effort.
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    I'm sure that, like all big undertakings, once it is finished and you are using it for pleasure, you will feel proud of what you have accomplished. Keep it up!
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    A rolling green can be a challenge to landscape but is also a lot of fun to play! You could consider evening it out or just working with what you've got!
  • PatPat
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    It maybe to your advantage to just go with what you have. It can make the greens a little more interesting to play.
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    It could also be worth just hiring someone to help you out.

    Professionals have equipment and tools that make some parts of the job much, much easier, faster, and more efficient. If you're wondering if it's worth the effort, you may want to consider it being worth some cash instead so you can still enjoy it without wanting to give up.
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    its nice to do things when your loving to do it so I suppose have a go and see how far can you go. In the end, if will see the results good then the job youve done is worth the effort. You can also hire someone to help you or do all of job.
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    Here is some advice that I always use when I have a big job to finish around my home, don't look at the whole picture. Each day decide how much work you are going to accomplish. For example say to yourself that you will handle this small corner today then go about completing it. Sometimes looking at the whole job can be overwhelming so take it in small steps. Make small goals for yourself to go about finishing the job.
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