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I wish these little creatures were native to the UK as I adore them. I have a friend who keeps several in a large shed at the bottom of his garden, though I'm not sure that I agree with keeping such obviously wild creatures locked up.


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    Haven't been around Chipmunks much but I'm with in on keeping them locked up. I hope he has a nice long run for them to get some exercise and see the outdoors. Is there a reason why he has them and keeps them locked up like that? Seems a shame really.
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    I don't think he would be allowed to let them run free as they are not native to the UK and there are laws about introducing non indigenous animals to the wild.
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    This is correct, and I believe that you can be prosecuted for letting such animals into the native population. I don't even know if they would survive! He has a pretty big hutch for them that runs the whole length of his garden so they do have a lot of space to run.
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    I wonder how he got them there?

    They are native here and are not bothersome at all. We have a favorite picnic spot where the population is plentiful. No, we don't feed them. We just watch them while we eat or the children play.

    Does anyone have trouble with them as pests?
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    Well as long as he's taking care of them. I adore chipmunks, they're little cuties. I guess it would be dangerous to let them out, so it's good that he's got some space for them in there. I also do wonder as well how he got a hold of them, though.
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    I don't think any wild animals should be locked up. They are adorable but they are probably pretty miserable, too.
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    need to be careful they are mean little critters when they get their dander up...and can bite you quite nicely. Quick as the light, they are.
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