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Best types of bird houses?

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We would like to put some bird houses around the yard but we have so many different types of birds we're not sure of the best type. Is it best to just put pretty much 'generic' types or to get fancy with them. Should you keep them all far apart or can you have a whole bunch of them close together? We've never actually put any out before.


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    I recommend doing some internet research on birding websites to see what types of birdhouses are best for your area and bird population. They'll also recommend brands that will hold up year after year without need of constant replacement.

    Oh, and invest is squirrel-safe equipment. ;)
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    We have 2 terracotta houses up in our back yard and the wrens love them. Only one of them though. I'm not sure why they won't nest in the other one. I think I'll move it to a different location next year and see what happens.
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    I have one wooden bird house up. It is a good bird house from what I can tell, but I think the hole is too small. I am going to try to make it larger. We have not had a bird in it yet. It has been a little disappointing.
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    I know that you have to put a certain kind up to attract bluebirds. My mom and dad have several bluebird families that they keep track of every year. The internet research sounds like the best idea.
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    Much of it will depend on the type of birds in your area. We have a family of wrens. They have a birdhouse with a much smaller hole that won’t allow larger birds or predators in.
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