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Kill weeds with vinegar!

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I have done this successfully over and over, so it's worth sharing.

On a bright, sunny day put plain, cheap-o white vinegar into a spray bottle.

In the early morning, heavily spray the weeds paying close attention to saturating the base of the stem at ground level.

The weeds will wither and die with no chemicals needed! Results will begin right away but the weeds will die over a few days' time as their roots are destroyed by the vinegar.


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    This sounds like a good way to get rid of them and will give it a try. But, what if you have some that are close to a nice plant/flower, will it kill it too?
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    Yes, I'm sure it might. It's best to weed by hand that close to a plant you wish to keep.

    I've had particular success using this method on walkways, sidewalks, brickwork and so forth.
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    I really need new ways to get rid of weeds. I hate them I feel like ther is always new ones when I look outside. I hate them in the garden and in the gravel drive way. I have true different things that do not work and usually cost alot and arent safe. I need something safe for kids and animals. So when I hear something new I'll try it out.
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    This is good to know. I always hate using the chemicals because of surrounding wildlife. Bees and bugs are good for the environments and all those chemicals kill everything. Thanks for the information.
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    Yes this is very good to know! I use vinegar for SO many things, but didn't know about this! Thank you!
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    Wow, vinegar. I would not have know. Interesting, because a health teacher had commented that the best way to wash fruits a vegetables from the store is with vinegar. I wonder if the vinegar decreases the frig life of the food then.
    In regard to the weeds, I always have problems with the breeze or wind blowing the store bought chemical killers onto my other plants. Maybe by aiming to the root with vinegar, my other plants will not get browned. Thanks for the tip.
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