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Paver lights

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Hello, I am thinking to do a large hardscape in a residential courtyard setting the customer detests regular paver block lights.

Are there any other options??

I was thinking that it would be cool to find a light that would sit in the block that I am already using. Something with a core drill maybe?


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    INTEGRA Works Lighting

    There are a wide variety of inground (core drill) type of lights that might work for you from a wide variety of manufacturers. Look at Nightscaping, Vision3, Hunza, BK, and others. It is just a matter of looking through all the catalogs and picking the right fixture for your application.

    Have a great day.
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    Are you talking about lights in your SRW block walls? If not...sorry go with the above suggestions. If you are then check these out to see if any will work for you:
    Vista - 4260 rail light
    Integral hardscape lighting
    Hadco - LLL 6,12,18,24"
    Unique - Viking or Gemini
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