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Garden bridge

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I've just finished a curved garden bridge so thought i'd put a few pics up, in it their are two main parts of the bridge are 80X80X8 angle. The two bits are back to back to check the curve is the same...which it wasn't so needed a bit more "adjustment".
To get the curve i cut slots with a 9" grinder and 3mm thick cutting disc then bent it and welded it all up. The cuts were 13" apart so 6" boards with a 1/2" gap should look ok.
The frame with 50X50 box to make it about 5' wide. Sticking it all together with the lorch m-pro in the background. Some more angle to run down the centre. The offcuts used were a bit short so had to weld on a handle to bend it. Then main frame (nearly finished.) had to be moved outside before fixing on a handrail or it wouldn't fit out of the door.
The hand rail is 50X25 flat sided oval which i was able to curve in this roller i had made for another job. Fixed the boards down with tek screws. Shifted it into position with a Matbro telehandler and fixed it down to the slabs.
There is no lower handrail at the mo ...will see how it goes.It should be wide enough for a ride on mower but the lower side is a bit steep because i made it 14" lower so will have to see how that pans out.



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    Nice work, HAWK!

    You don't see many bridges in the projects section...

    Powder coated or painted?
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    nice looking job as normal
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    Looks good................wonder what that Lorch MIG set is like?
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    I'm really impressed and I've shown this to my husband because we have a tiny brook at the bottom of the garden and I'd love something like this. I'm hoping he can at least get some ideas from you!
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    I love this. Now could you come and do one for me? We have a drainage ditch that covers half of our front yard and I would love to give it a little character. My husband is not a handy fellow. Can you buy a bridge already constructed or at least buy a kit?
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    I was expecting to see one of the wooden do-it-yourself bridges that they sell at the same place they sell small gazebos and storage buildings. The bridge you've built is really attractive. I can see it in all sorts of landscapes.
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    Wow, what a great job, I would love to make a garden bridge and I don't even know where I would put one right now, but what a great idea. You did a really great job, the bridge really looks nice and professional.
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    That is truly fantastic. And I love that you included pictures of the process. It’s way above my husband’s skill level, of course. But it’s something to dream about.
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    Wow great job! Very inspiring, I'm also considering implementing a few personal projects on my own at our backyard. Hope I could get it done like you did.
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    That is really REALLY nice work!!! I want something in a smaller capacity for my yard. I love the look and feel they give any garden.
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