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backyard fencing

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Can anyone recommend a fencing height that is good for Rottweilers. Right now I have a normal height chain link, but have to look into something higher. Today while outside , I went into my neighbors yard so I could pet the dog in the next yard over, and Brutus jumped the fence to follow me. So it's definatly time to invest in a higher fence.

As of now, Brutus is grounded!

No more outside in the yard, for even 5 minutes unattended, and/ or he will have to be tied up for bathroom breaks.

I think the main reason he jumped was because I went over and he was probably jealous..... but if he did it once, he can do it anytime!


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    Our pen is fenced with 5' animal fencing from a farm supply store.

    In 10 years of fostering, we only had one dog jump the fence--this dog later scaled an 8' chain link fence by racing from the far end of the kennel and jumping up as high as he could before climbing up and over.

    DH and I do not leave dogs unattended in the pen (3/4 or so acre of our backyard).
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    it depends on your dog.
    i had Arlo, who used to climb chain link like a cat! yet, no one else ever did it.
    not just height, but check bottoms. i have had diggers and tunnelers in the past. i do weekly walks on my fence line to check for possible damage, escape plans.
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    We didn't know what my puppy would be like when she got bigger so we built my main dog area with a six foot chain link with 8-10 inches of it buried in the ground. Bella isn't a jumper/climber and her digging is generally only if she smells something interesting in the ground that she wants to check out, so it works fine. I would imagine this setup would be good for all but the most determined Rottie escape artists. Chain link is relatively easy to set up, so it would just be material costs if you did it yourself.

    You say your fence is "normal" height. What would normal height be? If it's the fence in your gallery pics, I would say it's only 3-4 feet high. In my opinion this is too short to keep almost any dog in. You own a large powerful dog and a lot of people aren't going to be comfortable with him only behind a fence that he can practically hang his head over, even if he's the biggest softy in the world. Even if you never have issues with someone else or other animals, he could still get hurt running into the street or something after hopping the fence.
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    My daughter has a Rottie and he is huge but her fence is only around 4 foot high. It's solid wood and he has never jumped it though whether this is just because he doesn't know he can, I don't know!
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    I would recommend at least a 6 foot high fence. Rotties are good climbers, and with their powerful legs, they can jump smaller fences. Privacy fencing is best, because he is less likely to be tempted by something - like you visiting a neighbor - if he doesn't have a clear view. Now that he knows he can clear the fence, he may do it more often!
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    We are almost complete with our fence and while we have no Rotties we do have a rather large dog, we decided to go with 6' high dogear wooden posts. How large of a yard are you fencing in?
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    I have two large dogs and currently my yard is not fenced, i have a 12' X12' chain link kennel that is 6' high. I plan to enclose the property with 6' wood fencing, which I hope they wont be able to or try to jump. they are not outside unattended very long so will have to keep an eye on them once the fence is finally up. @jysnyder, if your current fence is in good condition and the only reason you would replace it is to keep Brutus from jumping it, is it possible to add to the height of your current fence? maybe using something decorative but sturdy?
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    5' should be adequate, but here's a tip that I learned pretty recently. Make sure that all your fence panels are of the same height. This means that if you are sharing a fence panel with your neighbor that your fence needs to be the same height as theirs. The reason for this is because your dog is less likely to jump the fence if there is no visible height differential between panels. Keep this in mind as you build your fence.
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    I never considered that varied fence heights made a difference in keeping animals in an enclosure. I have seen dogs jump from structure to structure before and actually get across the fence that way. These canines are intelligent creatures.
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    I would suggest at least a 6 base high fence. Rotties are good climbers, and with their highly effective feet, they can leap small fencing.
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    I now have a metal fence around the whole back yard. That's okay I just feel like all the neighborhood can see right into my back yard, so u would like a privacy fence. They seem to be very expensive though. But have heard there are ways to go about it cheaper. We have dogs also and there for we have to have a fenced in yard. And I know a wooden privacy fence is perfect height for most dogs.
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    A 6 foot privacy fence has always worked for me. Even if he can jump, he doesn't know he can. Not to mention, there's no such thing as too much privacy.
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