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Here one day, gone the next

edited August 2011 in Birds & Outdoor Animals 0.00 Karma
My hummingbirds have disappeared. They were here one day and gone the next. I never know when it's time for them to fly South but I guess they do. I really do miss them. I had 5 or 6 all at one time on my feeders.


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    They are suck amazing creatures. I never get tired of watching them and contemplating them. I know what you mean, I really miss them when they go too!
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    I just thought they were gone. Here we are mid September and one hovered outside my kitchen window the other day and wanted to know what I had done with the feeders. I filled them and put them back out for a while longer.
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    Hummingbirds are so cute. I'm not sure of their migration schedule (if that's what it is), but I enjoy it when they're around!
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    The hummingbirds around here will usually be here all summer and then disappear for the winter. The same ones always come back though, and they usually bring friends with them.
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    I like hummingbirds. They are beautiful creatures. It is amazing that they are the only birds that can fly backwards. I do not recall ever seeing a hummingbird before. I am sure I would see one if I went to a park where there were lots of birds flying around.
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