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We are thinking about setting up a shade area off our deck that would tie into the house (attached). I wonder how hard this is? Of course we need to wait until its a tad warmer since its now so close to winter. Has anyone done this before?


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    I have always admired an open trellis with some kind of vine growing on it or over it. I really think that brings nature right to your door. Have you explored this possibilities?
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    I was thinking about it but the husband of the house is worried that with the vines the bugs will come too and that he is not budging on. I would love to have an old house covered in vines like you see in the movies but that is just a dream too!
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    I haven't done it, but I don't think I would try. I already have lots of trees in my yard, and like chelles mentioned, there are lots of bugs. I really didn't get too enjoy my yard as much this summer as I would have liked. On the days where it was nice enough to sit outside, the bugs tried to eat me alive!
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