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Gravel or paving slabs?

edited December 2011 in Paths and Walkways 0.00 Karma
We'd like to redo our pathway because the paving slabs we have down are cracked and weeds grow between them. Would gravel be better do you think, or should we just replace the paving slabs?


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    If I were you, I'd stick with paving slabs, just fill the gaps with concrete so no weeds can grow. We have gravel and, believe me, the weeds will find a way!
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    I agree. I think the paving slabs would be better. Gravel eventually gets every where it's not supposed to. I use roundup to keep the weeds from creeping up in the cracks of my brick walkway. Only have to do it about twice a year.
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    I will give the slabs another vote. We have tried rock in various areas, and even with all of the protective measures available weeks still come through eventually.
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    Slabs are a pain. I use finally crushed gravel. Throw down more when you need it. I wished I had started doing this 30 years ago.
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    I personally think paving slabs look better compared to just pure gravel. I do think the two can complement each other, though (use gravel to fill in the gaps between slabs).
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    I know this is an older thread, but just in case someone is contemplating this today, I vote for something other than crushed gravel. A friend has a crushed gravel driveway, and I can't count the number of times I have twisted my ankle trying to get to the house. They're finally considering having it done professionally. I'm not sure if they'll go with concrete or blacktop, but either would be preferable, in my opinion. I realize this is a walkway referenced here, not a driveway, but it's the same principle, and safety is always a concern.
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    The problem with gravel is that it does need maintenance, either spraying or pulling the weeds that come and the one DL alludes needs a good base when installed and a yearly compaction to firm it up. That does require some knowledge of how gravel can be made to interlock with the use of "fines" and a bit of labor. In the right area, gravel can be a useful product that is relatively inexpensive compared to asphalt and concrete.
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