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Replacing Bathroom Tiles

edited December 2011 in Patio, Deck, & Pavers 0.00 Karma
I was surprised when I went to purchase new tiles for my bathroom that there are very few which are slip resistant. The tiles that I purchased were rather expensive because there was not much choice. Has anyone else found it hard to find slip resistant tiles for their bathrooms?


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    I have never really looked for slip resistant tiles. We just make sure we have a good rug to put down on the bathroom floor. I have no-wax tile in my bathroom, they are okay. My parents have the tile and grout ones and they are not slippery.
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    We used vinyl tiles and they were quite cheap. If you don't polish them, just clean them with detergent and water, they aren't slippery but we also use a non slip mat beside the bath to save slipping with wet feet!
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    I would probably still fall, if I bought slip resistant tiles! That is why I use a bathroom rug, too. Have you put your tiles down yet? I am curious to find out if they are really slip resistant.
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    I'm hoping to find slip-resistant tiles when we re-do our bathrooms. Half the people in my house are clumsy. My guess is that you have to go to a tile-only store for starters. From there they will direct you on how you can order them. They are out there somewhere, I'm sure.
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