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Serious Bird Problem Every Evening

edited February 2012 in Birds & Outdoor Animals 0.00 Karma
We seem to have a serious problem with starlings. Every evening they “come home” to roost overnight in our trees. I am all for wildlife, but they are extremely loud, messy and potentially dangerous. (I sure don’t want to spend much time out there with them.)

How can we convince them to move? Preferrably in a humane way.


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    Tie several tin pie pans up in the trees as high up as you can get them. It may deter them from roosting there. If that doesn't work, try a BB Gun for several evenings and just shoot up in the air. They may get the message from that.
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    Thank you, director. I hadn’t heard of the pie pan trick. I keep envisioning the scene in “Steel Magnolias” with the fireworks and bow and arrows. I don’t think our neighbors would be impressed. :)
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    We have a very noisy pheasant that keeps visiting our garden early in the morning. It's worse than a cockerel. I may try the gun trick on him!
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