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Instant mud brick look.

edited March 2012 in Retaining Walls 1.00 Karma
I built a composting toilet on top of a 4 foot high two chamber system. The chambers were built in an E fashion with sheet metal door coverings.
I used cement blocks for the E construction and painted them with the clay soil around my property. What I did was dry the mud which is a burnt orange colour. When it was dry I manually sifted it through a flour sieve. The recipe for the paint is one part dry portland cement and four parts sifted mud dust. You don't need much as you think. You add enough water to make a paste and then you paint it on the blocks. My blocks have kept their colour for 10 or more years. From a distance it looks like Mud Bricks.


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    This is awesome! We are planning to build a retaining wall, and we were wondering about coloring the cement. We have red clay in abundance here, but I would never have thought of using it to make a paint. Thanks a lot for this great tip!
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    What a great idea Xenon. I would never have thought of doing something like that. Now my mind is working on all kinds of projects with mud paint. Thanks!
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    This is such an amazing idea! I am usually irritated with mud, because of the dirt they leave on our floor when wet and they stuck at the sole of the shoes and even the dust they bring when its windy. This is the first time I heard something useful I can do with them. I'll tell my husband we have a new project. Thank you for this wonderful idea!
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