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Advice Please

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Hi all,

I recently purchased a 3 bed house. There were some cracks in the property which were filled by the previous owner. Now I am seeing some more cracks in one of the bedroom upstairs which starts from below the window diagonally and goes all the way up. Also I see that the kitchen wallpaper is slowly peeling off on the sides. The window frame on the side is coming out slowly in the sitting room downstairs and another bedroom upstairs. Could it all be related to cracks?

Pls advice on how this issue can be solved.



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    We recently moved out of an old Victorian house. There were cracks in all the walls by the time we moved out. A lot depends on the age of your house. Our foundation was actually shifting and causing our walls to crack. Our rooms had started to slant to the point that if we dropped a small object, it would roll. If I were you, I would have my house checked soon by a professional.
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