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Brick Wall Hole Filler

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I have a wall made using red bricks where I drilled several holes 1-1/2" diameter through the wall for something. Now I no longer want the holes in the wall and wish to fill them in. What do you recommend where I want the repair to pretty much match the bricks? Morter mix would work but it will look like *&^%$ when I'm done.


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    I really wish someone would answer this post, because I have exactly the same problem. I'm starting to wonder if I could dye plaster and stick in there. It's just cosmetic, really.
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    Well, you could find a red brick similar, grind it down to dust and mix with Mortar. They also sell red powder mortar. Also you could use cement dye.
    I've also heard of finding a red brick, and grinding it down to a sand, and mixing that in, but I'd probably go with the dye. Look into something called Everbuild.
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    I had an idea until you said you wanted it to match the bricks. Do you think you'd want a pretty, spontaneous fill of marbles? Haha.

    I found this: and some similar pages in the suggested reading on that page. I hope that helps!
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    Oh wow, I like that marble idea. I just may have to use myself! Or maybe some kind of glass.
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