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Replacing decking

edited March 2012 in Patio, Deck, & Pavers 0.00 Karma
I've got some decking to replace. It is random boards about 6 or 7 in all. The deck is about 16 years old and these boards take a beating from the sun and weather all day long, not shaded by the house during the day.

Anyway, they are PT 2x6s screwed down at each joist with three 3" Phillips head screws. The screw heads are filled in with stain from years of re-coating the deck so tough to get a good bite on the screw w/o cleaning out each screw head. Using my drill with a new (sharp) #2 bit I have been only able to remove about a quarter of the screws. The rest will either shear off when I try to back them out or I can't get a bite on them and end up rounding out the screw head.

So my solution I think will be to shear off all those that I can't remove and remove those that I can. The balance I will just have to pry the board up doing as little damage to adjacent boards and the framing. To get at the boards to pry them up I plan to drill a 1/2" hole through the face in the middle and use a jig saw to cut toward each side. I plan on the jigsaw because it makes a controlled vertical cut as opposed to a recrip saw or a circ saw and there will be less chance of damage to adjacent boards. After cutting a piece out between two joists and knocking it out I can then get in to pry the remainder of the deck board up. Once removed cut the sheared off screws flush and go on from there.

Anyone got a better/easier/faster way to do this? I don't have that many to replace but they are all 12 to 18 footers and laid down in a diagonal pattern.
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