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Need help with entry way

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Hi guys,

We have a really odd shaped entry way and we can't figure out what we should put down for keeping the floor clean when we come in. I've attached a photo of the space. The doors from right to left are: garage door (used very often), front door (not used as much), closet and bathroom. The only ideas we have so far are a medium sized carpet at each door or a custom cut carpet that cover the area. Thoughts?


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    I don't see a picture! :( I'm thinking separate carpet at each entry way would be the most beneficial with less hassle. If you do an entire carpet, you risk it moving around too much.
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    I would have to say a single carpet a each door way. Rugs tend to move alot when they are walked on all the time. We have this problem the rug at our moves alot. It is a small rug though so maybe it would be smart to try a larger rug. We just don't have very much room in our entry way before you are at the carpet.
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    I see no photo. I would like to give some advice, but I can't picture what you're explaining. That aside though, I think just a few throw rugs are probably the most practical and least expensive way. Get the pic working though, now I'm really interested in seeing it, lol.
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