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Pavers - Base and Edging

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I'm laying a paver patio in LA (fairly soft soil). I've added a base of aggregate (crushed stone) that's been sitting for a couple weeks so it's hardened up. It rained a couple days ago and the aggregate feels a little soft. Will that be an issue once I put the sand then pavers on top of that base? Will the pavers sink as a result?

Also, I'm using Barrier plastic paver edging. I did a walkway with the edging with the nails under the pavers but the next project may be easier with the nails on the outside. Has anyone found a significant advantage/disadvantage between the inside/outside?


  • H_CH_C
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    Compact the base again to make sure, you can never over pack it, make sure the base is compacted.

    If it is the plastic paver edger with the holes for spikes, most are designed for the spikes to secure on the outside of the edging against the pavers for a snug fit. Some installers lay the edging first as a guide, I lay the pavers first and then set the edging for a tight fit.
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