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Constellation theme for kid's bedroom ceiling

Have you ever painted your kid's bedroom ceiling to match the stars at their request? Did you regret it, or did it end up looking rather good?


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    We are looking into doing something similar to this, my husband found a product that is kind of like what we had growing up. It deals with UV light so somehow during the day sunlight charges it and at night they all glow.
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    I really want to do something like this. We just painted out daughters room in a deep blue, like the night sky. She wants starts and planets and what not. I just do not feel talented enough.
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    My brother had this on his roof when he was a kid. The constellations made his entire roof look like the night sky did on the day he was born. It was powered by a special lamp and looked gorgeous glowing! I'd always sneak into his room to look at them when I could. It lasts a loooong time, too. He's 20 now and when he went back to visit his old room (my dad still lived in the house), the stars were still there.
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    I didnt paint it but I used the stickers. It wasn't perfect but it had the general idea right. It was great and it helped me convince the kids it was bedtime. They loved laying there staring at the stars.
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    I think it would be cool to have a painting of a constellation on a ceiling. It would feel like I would be sleeping underneath the stars outside. I like the night sky when it is clear and has many stars. I would say that the place I saw the most stars in my life was in Poland. If anything, I would paint a ceiling exactly how I saw it there. It was dark, but the stars made it bright enough where I was not afraid of the dark. This is a benefit for those who love a starry night sky.
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