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Balcony Garden

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I'm thinking about starting a small garden on my balcony. I would like to be able to have a few fruits and vegetables, but I'm not sure what type of pots to get. Should I get the long planters, or big berry pots? Have you ever had a balcony garden?


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    Hello, I have had a small balcony garden. I prefer the big pots, rather than the long ones. I like the look of the larger pots. Since I only used a few I thought they gave the balcony a pretty look. I felt that the long lower ones would have dried out faster as well.
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    Thanks, Summerlove! I bet you're right; the longer and lower ones would dry out pretty quick. I think I'll take a trip this upcoming weekend and see if I can find some nice big pots.
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    I like deep ones where I can put some pebbles and broken shards of pottery in the bottom before I start adding my soil and plants. The drainage is good but holds enough moisture that I can leave home for a few days and not have dead plants when I return.
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    I've had the long low ones and Summerlove is right. They dry out quicker. One thing I did was plant lettuce around the edges of the pots and had a nice leafy green border for a long time. It looked nice.
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