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Plant cover on a hill

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We have one area of our yard that is on a hill, so water runs off quickly. What is a good plant cover for full sun that might work here? The area is not terraced, but we really need something other than just grass. The soil is good.


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    English Ivy is your answer. I planted 3 sprigs years ago and now I have it all the way around my pool fence and brick wall. I have to have it cut back every year. Your only problem will be containing it but it will cover the ground and look beautiful.
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    Ivy is pretty. I planted some years ago. You do have to be careful as it does spread and you don't want it attaching to a house too much. I like lamium as a ground cover, but that one might like shade. Hostas are good too. I've got lots of those in my garden. Sweet william is pretty, hens & chickens are neat if you have a rock garden. My ex's mother has a pretty rock garden with those all over the place. I'm trying to remember the names of some of the plants I've got. I had many years where I gardened and planted everything under the sun. I've kind of hit a I'm tired of it point three years ago and I don't do it much anymore.
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