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Bridge - material?

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We are going to build/replace a foot bridge that goes over a mid size water way in our side yard. Right now its wood and it keeps getting moldy. What would you advise we use for material? It needs to be wide enough for a 4 wheeler to cross.


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    If weathering and molding is a factor that you are facing then you are either going to have to get treated wood or you are just going to have to switch over to a metal based bridge. The treated wood will help delay the weathering by a good bit and can be found at the local hardware/lumber store.
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    A redwood would be what you need to use to build your bridge. You will still need to treat it, but this is the wood typically used to build small bridges, like on coy ponds. There's always a downside though. Redwood can be rather expensive, but it looks really nice though and is very durable. Have you purchased design plans or are you making it from your own? A great way to make it on your own is to write down the steps you took as you deconstruct the first bridge, and then just do it backwards (or is that technically forwards?) for your new bridge. Good luck and have fun!
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    It definitely doesn't sound like your wood is being treated properly. If you really want to go with wood again, then talk to your hardware store about which kind will be best for you and how to keep up the maintenance on it. Otherwise, maybe going metal is your better bet.
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    Don't they make synthetic "wood" products as well that would be a good choice in this application? If the bridge is small and more decorative that structural you might do well using a synthetic material. It should last longer and look better with low maintenance.
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