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Indoor Garden In Winter

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Does anyone do indoor gardening in the winter. Like in your normal house, not a green house or anything. If so, what do you grow and how? I live in northern Vermont and would love some ideas if anything is doable. I do have some decent windows.


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    Herbs. Try herbs. Not only are they pretty but they are also aromatic. When spring comes, you can set them outside and then start all over again in the fall. Fresh herbs are great to use in cooking in the winter too.
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    I would love to have an indoor herb garden, but I'm wondering how much light is needed. It can get mighty dark around here in the winter. Does anyone use the grow lights? That would have to be the option for me.
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    I have always done a indoor garden during the winter months. I always plant Peonies because this is my favorite flower. It looks absolutely gorgeous if you have glass windows overlooking the snow. I feel that any flower would look beautiful so I recommend you plant yours in the near future.
  • PatPat
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    I plant coleus during the spring and bring them inside when it starts to get cold. I use grow lights when it get dark during the short winter days.
  • GiaGia
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    I grow herbs on my window in the kitchen. I also grow catnip for the cat. If you find a place with a sufficient amount of light then herbs will thrive with little effort.
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    Sunny kitchen windows are a great place to grow herbs. I don't have the space to do a true indoor garden but herbs are easy and grow most anywhere.
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    I try very hard to have indoor gardens. I have not had a lot of luck though and I'm not sure if it is that there is a cold draft or if it is because of lighting problems. I have seen some really nice garden designs that utilize soda bottles and stack them up as towers in windows. I have considered doing something like that.
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