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Using solar lights in the northeast

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I would like to add a line of solar lights to mark the edge of my driveway but I am not sure if they'll be effective during the long winter season up here in the northeast. Would these still work in the winter or is that not enough sun for them? They would get several hours of direct sunlight on that side of the house, as long as the sun is out, of course.


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    If the batteries are good they should be able to store enough "energy" from the sun to keep lit during the nights and days when it's really cloudy
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    Several hours of direct sunlight is plenty. It's unlikely that you need them the entire night anyway, so even if it's not enough energy to last the entire night, you should be fine.
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    They work fine as long as they are not in the shade. I have a big tree in my front yard so they are almost useless around my walk, but would light my garden bed just fine because it's in the sunlight. Sunlight still gets through, even when it's cloudy. It's just not as strong. They won't last as long on cloudy days.
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