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It's the end of January here in the South and my crazy daffodils are just about to bloom. We had 70 degrees yesterday and the temperature for Friday is supposed to be 34 for a high. No wonder the flowers are confused. I just hope they will wait a while longer to bloom so they won't be short lived.


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    Wow, already?? That's crazy!

    I hope they hold off some, too. I'm used to them not coming into bloom until around Easter time.
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    Most flowers seem to be a bit early right now, the temperatures are tricking them into thinking it's time! Oh well, just goes to show that nature has its own way, whether we think it's the right time or not!
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    It's ok for daffodils though, isn't it? Don't they bloom right up through snow?
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    I don't know if they bloom up in the snow, but I know that if thei they'll come right back
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    Right, daffodils, will not bloom through the snow, but they do pop right back up. They are a pretty hardy breed. These flowers bloom for only a short time, but yellow daffodils are some of my favorite spring flowers. So, for those of you that in the zones where the weather is in between warm and cold days, do not worry about your daffodils. They will pop right back up!
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    I am waiting for ours to sprout up and while I won't enjoy it I still know it is coming and the battle is again "on" to fight with them. I can't believe how quick they spread either, so far we have not found a single thing that can really help us win the battle. Anyone with some homemade tips that might work for this?
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    I have one set of random daffodils popping up in my back gardens. I had no idea there were any back there!
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    Daffodils tend to grow during many times of the year. People tend to consider them weeds since they do not grow the way regular flowers do. They tend to sprout out of no where. It is like having grass underneath all the snow. I like how they come out as either white and fuzzy or yellow with soft pedals.
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