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How to fix a large crack in bearing wall

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We have an old house, it was built in the 1850s and is in great condition. One of the retaining walls has a large crack. It has been investigated and has been there since the 1940s and appears to be the result of bombings in the area in the 2nd world war. I now wonder what to do about it, the crack is about 2 inches wide. The house is fine but I dont know if it needs fixing, and how to approach that?


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    What is the reason of fixing the crack? Do you feel that the wall is not safe at all? Will collapse anytime soon? Do you see danger? Or you just want to fix it to make it look good again?

    For me, and this is just my opinion and I hope you do not take it against me, if the wall is fine and do not pose danger at all, I will not touch the crack. It is part of the history of your old house. It is the character of your old house. It even makes a very good conversational piece! That crack has a story to tell.

    Okay, so shall you still want that crack out of the wall, all you have to do is buy from a hardware store a filler. You have to mix it (it will be instructed to you), then all you have to do is put the mixture in the crack. Fill every space and let it dry. Viola! No crack anymore.
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