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Need an alternative heat for playroom for kids.

edited February 2013 in Patio, Deck, & Pavers 0.00 Karma
I need a safe heating system for our room in the cellar that has been built as a play room for our kids. The room is insulated, sheet rocked as well and painted. Looks like a real room.
We live in an area with winters and summers and right now we are in winter mode. So right now it is a bit chilly for them down in their room.
I need a system to heat the cellar that is cheap to run but most important would be safe. Our kids are not little, so they know not to touch something hot. They are pre teen and one teenager as well.
Does anyone have a good recommendation for a room in a cellar that won't break the bank on purchasing or using during winter months? Don't care on what the style is as far as looks. That is not important to us. We just want the room to be comfortable for them and safe as well.
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