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Scraping all of my paint off removing snow and ice!

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My husband and I have two decks on our house that we enjoy very much in the summer months. Not so much this time of the year.
Every time it snows the decks get covered with snow which sometimes turn to ice as well. Not only is it slippery for us and our dogs who use it, it is also dangerous for others who come to visit.
Now I generally go out and shovel the snow or ice off but as I do this I notice I am taking the paint right off the deck as well. It frustrates me because I spent the time to paint in the summer to make it look nice to only take it off during the winter months.
Does anyone have a suggestion to keep it looking nice all year long? I there something to put over the deck? Or should I just rebuild with a plain wood pressure treated so when I shovel I am not taking off my hard work?


  • PatPat
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    Maintaining your deck during the winter can be more work than you thought. This article my give you some help on keeping the paint on the deck . Good luck.
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    Good article. Thanks for posting it.
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