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What birds do you have?


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    We used to have 2 lovebirds a couple of years ago. When the female lovebird died, the male lovebird seemed to have committed suicide and refused to eat, probably because he was now left alone and lonely. He died shortly after the female lovebird died. After that we did not take care of any birds anymore.
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    We also had a pair of love birds once, but their loud shrieks were too much to bear so we got several small finches instead. I disliked seeing them cooped up in a small cage though, so we stopped having birds as pets.
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    We do not have any birds, I guess our family is not that bird friendly since we are not "morning birds". Also we have cats so that would be another issue to face that we would rather not deal with.
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    We do not keep birds. I do keep my outside feeders full and enjoy seeing the many kinds of birds that visit me. The best one yet is a cocky little red headed woodpecker that loves my suet block. He is beautiful.
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    I don't have any birds in the house.

    We have all sorts of wild birds outside, though. I love throwing out bird seed and old muffins to them.
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    We dont have birds but going to the nearest part here makes us feel that birds aroudn the area are really loved and protected as they keep multiplying. My fav one are Swans, they look so elegant and glamorous, I love ducks as well.
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    Mourning doves! I don't personally keep them, but they're all around the state. They're super cute! There's always so many around my house and I can hear them cooing to one another.
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    I do not have any birds, but when I was little, my grandparents had parakeets. I found them very fascinating because of the way they looked and the way they chirped. I also find it amazing that they can repeat things that humans say. They are pretty loud, which is why I would prefer seeing them outside.
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