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Dogs digging holes in yard.

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Does anyone have an effective way to keep dogs from doing this. I have two dogs and both of them tend to dig holes. One of them has actually on more then one occasion dug up a cable line in our back yard. My brother has tried to put up a barrier around the line but this relentless dog still figures out how to get to it in order to dig it up and start chewing on it as well. I know that dogs digging is part of their natural behavior, but how do you keep them from digging in areas where you don't want them to? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Dogs dig mostly for entertainment value. If your dogs are left in the yard for long periods, this may be why they're digging holes. They may need more exercise and playtime than you are giving them. If nothing else works, there are sprays you can buy to discourage a dog from digging in certain areas. I've never used them so don't know how effective they are.
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    I own a Beagle and let me tell you, they can dig like there is no tomorrow! We actually watched him start teaching our older dog (who is 9) to do the same thing, the older one never dug a hole in his life, now he is just as bad.
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    Has anyone tried mothballs? I know this will keep animals from spraying or marking territory but will they also keep dogs from digging? I would also try red pepper flakes sprinkled in the areas they like to dig. It wouldn't be harmful and would give them a sneezing fit for a while.
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