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Best outdoor material?

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I am fed up with everything I buy to sit on, on the patio, ending up ruined by the weather. If I put it away, I don't bother getting it out again. What material is best to leave outside in all kinds of weather?


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    I was looking at patio furniture just this morning in my local garden center. They have some really nice looking tables, chairs, sofas and loungers and the material I like best is like an oiled material that is supposed to be weatherproof. It looks like hard fabric but it's quite comfortable, though expensive.
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    From my experience there is a product called Azek which is basically recycled plastic formed into structural wood. 1x4, 2x4, 2x6 etc...and it lasta forever. It comws im different colors and comes im al standard sizes of widths and lengths. It is quite a bit more expensive but you will never have to replace it, paint or stain it. It is truly "maintenance free" product that will give you a lifetime of enjoyment.
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    I'll have to search and see if there are any local suppliers, or if I can buy it online. It sounds like the type of material I need. I love the term, "maintenance free" and it's definitely for me, as long as I can afford it!
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    I have some really great outdoor furniture right now that I'm really loving. My patio table and matching chairs are made from aluminum. I had to search around to find just the right style I wanted, but they really stand up to any type of weather, and they look really stylish.
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    My swing is a canvas. It's been outside for years now and never needs more than a wiping down.
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    teak lasts forever, even when abused and not cared for.
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